College Counseling

Nearly all selective colleges and universities practice a holistic applications review. At HCC, we offer expert help in building a smart college strategy and creating compelling college applications. We want schools to be excited about your story and help you navigate through the process to reflect your achievements, aspirations and character.

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Start with a Strategy

Beginning as early as the 9th grade, we work with students to get a sense of their college goals and how they can best prepare to achieve them through their high school years. Each student meets with Mr. Hamilton for a complimentary consultation at which we get to know the student and share our philosophy. At the turn of the 11th grade, students begin to work more intensively on telling “their story” and complete their college applications throughout the summer and into the fall.

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Foundational College Planning 9th & 10th Grade

Families who want to start the process early can begin as soon as 9th grade. We help students think through their course selection each year, as well as assist students in finding and applying for internships, extracurricular activities, volunteer programs, and other activities that suit their interests. Beginning the process early ensures that the student has a rich story to tell by the time they apply to college in their senior year.
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Junior and Senior Counseling

HCC offers a variety of packages for rising Juniors and Seniors to receive focused advice and support. During this time, we identify the student’s strengths and weaknesses, review their pick list of schools, and begin framing the essay for their college application.
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Designed for You

Each student we work with begins by meeting Mr. Hamilton or Mr. Piliser personally for an assessment and opportunity to get acquainted. Students then join one of HCC’s college preparation counseling programs to design a personalized plan.

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Meet with us one-on-one to discuss your needs and abilities. Each student we work with begins by meeting with one of our counselors - Mr. Hamilton, Mr. Piliser, Dr. Zroka, or Ms. Seol - personally for an assessment and opportunity to get acquainted.