James Sweetman

Humanities Tutor

James holds a Bachelor's degree in English from the University of London, a Master's from the University of Oxford (where he was an English Faculty scholar), and a Graduate Diploma in Law from the City Law School.

James has taught internationally within both the British and the American education systems. His personal philosophy as an educator is founded on the simple belief that, sooner or later in life, all students must learn to teach themselves. To that end, James endeavors to inspire his students with a love of learning, and to develop the critical reading and writing skills they need to succeed at high school and beyond.

Outside the classroom James is also a creative writer. His current project—a period drama set during the French Regency—is a rollicking story about the first pan-European stock market boom and bust.

When he's not teaching, tutoring, or writing, James volunteers as a facilitator of cross-cultural dialogue. He also enjoys reading, yoga, and travel.