Daniel Bessonov

Math / Physics Tutor

Daniel graduated from UC Berkeley with a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology. As an undergraduate, he also studied abroad at Cambridge University, where he studied short story writing and punting. Daniel’s passion for teaching math started at Westview High School, where he volunteered as an after-school tutor. He has been helping students with math for over ten years. Daniel received formal tutor training in effective tutoring methods at San Diego Miramar College. While at Westview, Daniel took an SAT prep class with Mr. Hamilton, who also helped with his college essays and was integral in helping him get into UC Berkeley. Now, Daniel is happy to be a part of the Hamilton College Consulting team and to be able to help students achieve their academic goals just as Mr. Hamilton helped him achieve his. In his spare time, Daniel enjoys swing dancing, reading about new technologies, and perusing The New York Times Opinion Section.