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Director of College Counseling

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Director of STEM

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Mathematics Instructor

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Writing & History Instructor

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Critical Reading Tutor

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Human Resources / Operations

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People are talking!

Mr. Hamilton was the main reason that I was able to not only write applications that I could be proud of, but also cope with all the pressure. He was available and accessible every step of the way, whether it be at 3 am the day before applications were due or during Christmas Eve. Without his help and guidance, I can't imagine where I would be today.
Jackie Wibowo
Stanford University, Class of 2018

As I’ve gotten to know Mr. Hamilton over the past couple of years I can confidently say that I have never met a person who is as passionate about teaching and helping others as he is. He gets to know students on a personal level and builds close relationships with them, getting to know who they are and where they come from in order to help them succeed.
Mitchell Kogan
Stanford University, Class of 2016

I admit I was a little lost among all the grades, scores, extracurriculars, and accomplishments. Mr. Hamilton reminded me that above all of these, I was an individual with a story. He was always available to give tips and guidance, always clarifying my own voice and story rather than molding it. Thanks to his help, in my essays I was able to express who I was above all else.
Eric Nommlish Chen
Harvard University, Class of 2018

I am extremely thankful for all the college application help, but more importantly, Mr. Hamilton and Mr. Piliser helped me think about life in new ways. The both of them helped me become someone who makes an effort to consider multiple perspectives -- someone who appreciates, while remaining skeptical of, the world around us. I hope I can continue to gain deeper perspective and understanding at Brown.
Heidi Erwin
Brown University, Class of 2021

At the beginning, I thought that HCC would just help me get into my dream colleges, but in addition to that, I've found a supportive community that I'll cherish even after this year has long since passed. Thank you again for all your help and all the hard work you do.
Jonathan Wang
Cornell University, Class of 2021

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